States Most Dependent on the Federal Government

(Image via Midjourney)

Whether you love it or hate it, much of our government relies on federal dollars to keep things running. Federal spending is just a part of the natural order of things. After all, your tax dollars have to go somewhere. But where is all that money going? The answer may surprise you.

Not all states are getting an equal amount when it comes to government funding nor even an even percentage. Some states are receiving a higher percentage in federal funding than others, and they may not be the states you are thinking of.

As the highest office of the government proposes an increase in federal funding as part of a $5.8 trillion budget proposal, we have taken it upon us to look at the numbers from last year to come up with a list of the states, most dependent on government funding. And states like California didn’t even make the list!

Rankings from Smartasset were based on three major factors: the number of federal employees, the percentage of government revenue and the ratio of federal funding to income taxes paid. The states on this list need funding more than anyone. And with that said, let’s take a look at the states most dependent on the federal government…