The Most Haunted Place in Every State

Ferris Mansion Bed & Breakfast – Rawlins, Wyoming

(Image via Flickr)

The George Ferris Mansion looks like it could exist in American Horror Story. The story is pretty sad, but what story on this list won’t be? George Ferris built the mansion, but he died before seeing completion when he was thrown from a runaway carriage. The family couldn’t catch a break. Soon after, the Ferris family’s youngest son was killed by his older brother accidentally.

The mother lived there until she died in 1931. After that, the building was converted into apartments in the ’40s. Those who lived there reported paranormal activity and strange poltergeist behavior. The house was eventually converted back into a single-family home before becoming a bed and breakfast. It’s said the children are still seen running through the house while Mrs. Ferris can be spotted doing chores.