The Most Dangerous City in Every State

We all have a city in our state we’re told to stay away from, and for a good reason. Most of them have an extremely high crime rate. These statistics are recorded by the police and reported back to the FBI so they can compile a list of dangerous places in the states. Occasionally, the FBI will release these numbers, giving us the chance to get an in-depth look at our state.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the most recent statistics and dig through all those numbers. It turns out that several states have a crime issue. Take a look through our report to find out the most dangerous city in your state. Were you surprised, or was it something you knew before clicking in?

All information is compiled from the FBI website and U.S. Census reports. Information in this list dates back to 2020, although local news reports were used to find more recent numbers. Long story short, we advise steering clear of any of the following cities on this list. Due to a number of factors, these are the most dangerous cities in each state. Stay safe out there, folks! The world isn't what it used to be...