How Much Your Favorite TV Evangelists Make

Hello there! Here you can learn the heavenly wages of our nation's preachers. With all these new churches sprouting like mushrooms, it's no surprise you're feeling holy! Well, some pastors didn't receive the news about storing up riches from heaven and went straight for the world's bank account. They're not to blame—heaven doesn't take Visa. If you want to make it rain, preaching may be a great option. 

At least this way you'll have a direct connection to the big man above. In other words, cash! Baby, it's a moneymaker! Prepare to meet the holy rollers, as we unveil the topmost loaded preachers in the world, their flocks, and their riches. Ah, we're envying the Hollywood and music business elites. "Only those who feature in blockbuster hits or sell millions of albums can afford such luxury" say some. That's cute. 

If anyone said some church pastors are as wealthy as Kim Kardashian, would you believe them? Well, we're here to show you, and we've got evidence! Some gospel preachers make more than Scrooge McDuck

Some people may wonder whether these pastors are performing the Lord's work or simply living it up on the congregation's cash. We've looked into it, so now you can know the truth. Let's check out the world's most loaded TV Evangelists.