CEOs Who Are Way Overpaid

Undoubtedly, the job of a CEO is a stressful job with millions and sometimes billions of dollars and numerous jobs at stake. But is it so stressful as to justify the millions of dollars these CEOs are earning for all their wheeling and dealing?

The question isn’t as tough as you might think, especially when you consider just how underwhelming some of these CEOs are performing, often leading to huge financial losses for the company that result in lay-offs and canceled projects. From Amazon to Intel, when you look at the numbers, it becomes clear just how overpaid some of the world’s most prominent CEOs really are.

Each year, As You Sow issues a report of the 100 most overpaid CEOs in the S&P 500 index based on shareholder votes on CEO pay packages. Analyzing the worst excesses in pay, the report reveals some interesting numbers about some of the biggest companies in the world. Looking at each company's market capitalization, CEO payouts, and median worker pay, we identified the top 15 worst instances of CEOs getting more than their worth.

And when you consider the workers who are taking part in building the company's success, and their measly pay, there’s really nothing fair about it. And with that said, let’s take a look at the 15 CEOs who are way overpaid.