Here's How Much Your Favorite Sideline Reporters Make

We all know that professional sports athletes get paid big bucks to perform. But what about the sideline reporters interviewing them? It seems like such a glam job—the women are gorgeous, hair and makeup perfected, interviewing the top athletes in the nation. They also travel often, following the team for the network they work for. 

The position of a sideline reporter has become increasingly competitive. Networks need their reporters to be popular with viewers in order to bring in more views and therefore more money. Females make up the vast majority of sideline reporters, catering to the largely male viewer demographic. But these reporters can't get by on good looks alone.

Most of these reporters have a history of being active in sports themselves. Either that, or they have a passion for sports, becoming experts in asking the perfect questions. From pre-game warmups to post-game interviews, these reporters are following your favorite players and teams and are dedicated to bringing you all the information you are wanting to know.  So what do their salaries look like? Here's a list of a few of your favorite sideline reporters and how much money they make.