What Celebrities Who "Never Age" Would Look Like, According to AI

There are a number of urban legends and mysteries around certain stars. It's possible that some of them are dressed in human suits, and perhps pertend to be human. There is a possibility that some of them are vampires or have been cursed with immortality. Despite the fact that we do not know the answer to those questions, we do have the wonder of artificial intelligence (A.I.) We are able to bring you what many people probably believe they ought to look like thanks to the power of the internet. We applied AI technology to images of older celebrities in order to determine what the artificial intelligence thinks their appearance should be like.

You had better fasten your seatbelts because a doozy is coming your way. Some of them look to be in good health, just like them, while others look to have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years longer than them. The content that you are about to view might not be appropriate for those of a younger age. Conceal your children, hide your spouses, and take a seat because we are about to show you what it may look like if superstars who "never age" were rendered by an artificial intelligence system.