Reality TV Stars with Rap Sheets

The world is no stranger to reality TV stars behaving badly—in fact, that's a big reason why we keep tuning in each and every week! However, some stars must think they're invicible because their bad behavior sometimes turns criminal. 

Suddenly being thrust into the public eye can be a seriously intense and shocking experience, and it's clear that not everyone is able to deal with the trials, temptations, and tribulations of show business. If reality stars can't find a way to cope with the stress, they might find themselves in some unfortunate (and illegal) situations. 

On the other hand, there are some stars who had a criminal past before TV, and they somehow thought that people wouldn't find out about what they've done, despite the fact that they're now under the scrutiny of the public. 

Today, we're taking a look at some reality TV stars who found themselves in trouble for the law. While some of these folks let greed get the best of them, others have done some downright heinous things and we're honestly pretty glad they're locked away somewhere. 

Have your favorite reality TV stars ever had a run-in with the law or do they know how to follow the straight and narrow? Let's get started!