Queen Elizabeth II's 100-Year Life Told in Historical Photos

Queen Elizabeth II has been a staple of England (and the world) for nearly 100 years. She was one of the longest-living monarchs that ever lived, and with her passing, we want to honor her in the best way we know how: her life in pictures.

She saw some of the biggest things happen in the world and even impacted it herself. What is it like for a monarch to grow up during WWII and even participate in it?! That’s right! It’s hard to remember, but the queen had actually served in the military.

So, without further ado, let’s go over her life and everything we loved about her. We found some rare pictures along with some truly historic photos that showed how great of a queen she really was. We’re going to start from when she was a small child all the way up to the most recent events that impact the world.

How did you feel about the queen? How were you impacted by her reign and passing? It’s hard questions, but we’re all mourning her at the same time – you’re not alone!