Karen Accuses Me of Cheating on my Wife...With my Wife!

Ahh, Karens. While not particularly fun to deal with, they certainly make for some great stories! Karens can pretty much be found anywhere there is a good time happening or maybe simply a cashier.  

While they deem themselves to be righteous in their fit-throwing tirades, everyone around knows better. What grown-a** adult behaves in such a way?

Sometimes, bystanders intervene when a Karen has targeted their victim. With pressure put on them, sometimes the Karen will step down and walk away. 

Other times, trying to reason with them just adds fuel to the fire. Then what you have on your hands is an epic meltdown. That's when things get really interesting.

The meltdowns usually include screaming and yelling, denial and/or refusal, and maybe even some physical altercation. In this case, it's always best to start recording with a phone—for legal and entertainment purposes. 

While most of us have been able to avoid Karen encounters, those of us unlucky enough to experience them will never forget. Some of us even take to the internet to share our confrontations.  

So what happens when a Karen approaches a man and makes a wild accusation? Karen believes he cheating on his wife...but he's with his wife!