Here's What Popular Comic Strip Characters Look Like, According to AI

Comic strips are an integral part of our childhood (and now adulthood) memories. The nostalgia surrounding these little drawn characters brings us back to simpler and happier times. Whether you were reading them in the morning, catching up after school, or maybe even waking up early on Sunday for the paper, these characters played a role in our lives that today's comic strips could only dream of doing. 

Depending on the comic, some of these characters were drawn extremely simplistic—with minimal details and traditional colors. Others were more eccentric, incorporating bright colors and unique features. What if we told you that we know what they would look like in real life? That's right, your favorite cartoon strip character just hopped out of the newspaper and is no longer drawn —they've transitioned into the realm of living and breathing. 

In the following slideshow, we've put AI to the test by giving the program comic strip character names and letting it generate hyperrealistic images of each iconic animation. With classic characters from shows like Doonsbury, Dilbert, and more, you're sure to see a few of your favorites. How do you think they turned out? Let us know in the comments! Here's what popular comic strip characters would look like IRL, according to AI.