Father Hides Recording Device in Daughter's Hair to Expose Teacher

Bullying has long been a problem in our school system and the problem is only getting worse. According to the National Bullying Prevention Center, one in five students have reported being bullied. Bullying can have long-term psychological effects, and in some cases, even lead to suicide. It’s obviously a huge problem, and it's a no-brainer to say that it isn't okay, but what exactly can we do about it?

It’s impossible to change human behavior but we can take better action against bullies and that means doing what we can to guide our kids on the right path and ensure schools are taking proper action against bullying behavior. But what happens when the teachers are doing the bullying?

While kids are often thought to be the perpetrators of bullying, sometimes the adults can be just as bad. And that’s what this story is all about. Next your kid comes home crying, it may not be safe to assume that another child is at fault. Sometimes it’s the teacher as one parent learned. And when he took his evidence to the school, you won’t believe their response!

This is the story of the Valerio family and the stand they took against bullying.