Everything Kanye Has Said to Land Him in Hot Water

Ah….Kayne. What are you doing? He started out on a great trajectory with a blossoming career. His songs were hitting number one, and it felt like no one could stop him. And then – well, he opened his mouth. His career has quite literally been one of the weirdest rollercoasters anyone has ever seen. Now, it feels like truly no one can stop him in a bad way.

The guy has said so much crap that his whole brand is in the toilet. His friends turned his back on them, and even his wife threw up her hands because she couldn’t deal with him anymore. We certainly don’t blame her on that one. Kayne does what Kayne wants.

We decided to compile some of the things Kayne has said that struck a chord with everyone. From his deal with the famous shoe company Adidas to his comments about royalty, we’re getting it all. Even combing through everything was a little exhausting because it seemed like the guy is set to ruin his own reputation in any way possible.

At this point, it seems like it would be easier to list everything that Kayne hasn’t said that’s landed him in hot water.