Celebrity Kids Who Disgraced Their Parents

Being the child of a major celebrity can’t be easy. There’s a lot of baggage that comes with being in the public eye and having people follow you around, wherever you go. And then there’s all the drugs, their money, and too much time on one’s hands that makes doing bad things so easy. But that’s not to say that being a celebrity parent is easy either.

Whether you see them as rich and spoiled, or victims of their environment, celebrity kids sometimes have a tough time keeping as straight as an arrow. While their parents might have worked hard to get where they were when it came to fame and money, the kids really had no say in the matter.

Nevertheless, we all make our own choice: the good and the bad. With that said, the following celebrity kids have certainly managed to mess up their lives, much to the chagrin of their parents. And while some of these kids have managed to turn their lives around, not all of the kids are alright.

From partying to doing the crime and paying the time, some of these kids really be wildin'. Here are just some of the celebrity kids who disgraced their parents. Let’s take a look!