Brady Bunch Secrets from Behind the Camera

The Brady Bunch may not have been the highest quality show of all time, but it was wholesome fun for the whole family. Nonetheless, despite its legendary status, the show was never a ratings hit when it initially aired. In fact, it never even reached the top 30 which eventually led to its cancellation.

The show, which lasted only five seasons, became increasingly popular after it aired – and the show is still watched by families today. Several reunion specials were released after the show aired and twenty years after the finale of the show aired, it even got a film adaptation: The Brady Bunch Movie, and a sequel A Very Brady Sequel which mostly poked fun at the show.

But whether you love it or hate, there’s no denying The Brady Bunch’s place in pop culture. Even if you’ve never watched the show, that theme is undoubtedly stuck in your head to this day.

While the family may have seemed perfect in front of the camera, behind the camera the family had some pretty dark secrets. From alcoholism to shoplifting, these are the secrets about the Brady’s you may not be aware of. These are the Brady Bunch secrets from behind the camera everyone should know…