A.I. Recreates Famous Sports Mascots

Mascots may seem just all fun and games, but they actually play a huge role in sports. Bringing a face and a voice  to the team,  a mascot can hype the crowd which generates support for the team and brings up morale. Many sports mascots are instantly recognizable and are perfect for marketing. They bring joy to millions and they generate a lot of enthusiasm about games in general.

Mascots bring people together, much like a cheersquad and are arguably one of the most important components of one. Some mascots are so beloved and iconic that they can draw huge reactions from crowds. But whether you enjoy them yourself, or you think they are creepy, there's no arguing their place in sports. 

Here we asked our AI to bring some of the most iconic sports mascots to life as they would appear in the real world, if they weren't just people in costumes. And as for the teams with no mascots at all, we asked the AI to come up with some of its own designs and the results were rather...interesting...

Let's take a look at some of your favorite sports mascots, brought to life, plus some brand new ones!