Actors Who Were Too Good for Blockbuster Franchises

There’s no denying the role blockbuster franchises like Star Wars, The Fast and the Furious or Transformers have in pop culture and Hollywood as a whole. Successful film franchises bring in billions of dollars to Hollywood and allow for all the smaller lower-budget films to even get made. And yet, there are plenty of actors out there that look down upon all the big-budget fare.

Made to appeal to the masses, many actors and actresses feel that blockbuster franchise films are void of any artistic value. While they might have delivered actors a pretty enticing paycheck, many of these big-budget film participants have expressed some degree of regret when it came to the finished product.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this piece to all the actors who thought they were above it all. They may not have regretted the money, but they did regret compromising their integrity. From the iconic roles turned down by famous actors to the roles actors wish we would forget, these are the actors who were too good for blockbuster franchises.