'80s Stars: Where Are They Now?

80s stars: where are they now? What could they possibly be doing? It’s a question you may have asked yourself here and there, but never really thought to look up where your favorite actors, actresses, and performers ended up. Honestly, there were a lot of people and it’s a little hard keeping track of them all. Who has time? The '80s produced some of our biggest A-listers today. The sheer number of movies that released (and were great) that decade was just insane. While some of them went on to become even bigger stars, others faded into the background and decided to avoid the spotlight.

Some stars didn’t really want to remain in the limelight while others just couldn’t keep up with all the new people that were flooding the acting scene in the '90s – it was the time for fresh faces and younger actors. It was hard playing a teenager in high school when you were already well into your thirties.

We’re going to go over some of your favorite '80s stars and tell you what they’re doing now and where they went. From Molly Ringwald to Mark Hamill, we’re covering some of the most memorable people that we loved to watch.

For this list, we're going to mainly focus on actors, actresses, and performers that aren't as popular as they used to be. Some of them aren't performing or acting while others are trying, but not really making the news like they used to. Did we miss one of your favorites?