30+ Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses, Ranked

How much is the average wedding? $5,000? $10,000? Both are wrong. A recent survey discovered that the average wedding costs as much as $35,329. That’s a lot of money. Because weddings cost so much, many people compromise to reduce the cost. They don’t need the super expensive venue because another one is almost as nice. The wedding dress is often one of the most expensive pieces, and it’s difficult to pay thousands on a garment you’ll wear once. But what if you had no price limit? That’s the joy that celebrities get to experience on their big day.

When famous people get married, they don’t have to concern themselves with how much everything costs. Many of them could spend a million on their wedding and not bat an eye! Could you imagine? Well, with unlimited funds comes something interesting – they can do whatever they want for better or worse. Sometimes, their choices are a little…less than classy.

One of the biggest factors is the wedding dress. Celebs want to have the perfect one, but sometimes they can totally go off base. We’ve found some celebs that got exactly what they wanted, but unfortunately, they turned out looking much worse than they ever could have imagined.