30 Songs that Defined the '70s

The '70s had one of the largest musical genres associated with it. The scope ranged from supergroups like The Beatles and Led Zepplin to solo acts like Carly Simon and Glen Campbell. If you wanted country, there was country. If you wanted rock and roll, there was some of that. Disco came and went in the seventies. There was plenty of R&B and some one-hit wonders in between. Fun fact: the seventies had the most No. 1 songs of any decade—simply because of the genres involved and how quickly artists released songs.

But which songs really make you THINK of the '70s? Read along and see if you agree. And to be fair, narrowing it down to just 30 was a task. Here are the songs and artists, along with their release year, that made the decade what it was in music. You’ll notice a theme among all of these songs: they tell a story of the time in which they were released, a time of lovers and fighters; a time of wanderers and dancers; a time when musical expression was at an all-time high in variety and taste.