55 Historical Figures, According to AI

Growing up, when reading about a historical figure, many times there would either be a painting of the person, or no representation at all. When looking them up, so many of the paintings would vary greatly, leaving me to wonder what they actually looked like. The older the historical figure, the less likely I would find a solid image of them.

However, with today's technology and with one of the trends sweeping the internet, AI has stepped in to help us recreate people of old! The technology is able to take the descriptions from accounts posted from everywhere and turn that information into a pretty accurate image of what the person probably looked like. Some of the images look very similar to what we already picture. Some will probably surprise you.

When choosing historical figures, we tried to list people who are considered the most significant, have multiple representations out there, or have hardly any images of them at all. AI is a pretty cool technology and this is just one of the many things it can do for us. Here's a list of 55 famous historical figures and what AI depicts them to be. Let us know how accurate you believe each person is!