15 Saddest States in the U.S.

15 Saddest States in the U.S. No, that doesn’t mean everybody in these states just walks around whining and crying. These states just have the lowest ratings for things that nobody really wants to be rated low in. There’s more crime in these states than normal. People in these sad states generally have worse physical health than their neighboring happy states. Their communities, work environments, and personal relationships are more likely to be in disrepair. These things all culminate to provide a less-than-stellar quality of life across the state.

For example, West Virginia doesn’t have enough people working full-time jobs but has some of the highest rates of depression in the nation. Arkansas has plenty of inactive people who smoke and drink more than most states. Louisiana has the worst working environments in the nation. In the far north, you’ll find that Alaska has low high school graduation rates and high crime rates.

In general, you’ll find that the people in these states often struggle to maintain their physical health. This affects their quality of sleep, their performance at work, and their general mental health. Some states have poor education systems or high rates of substance abuse. All of this comes together to affect the overall well-being of the people in these states. The states on this list are full of normal people who’ve gotten stuck in a rough spot.

To figure out exactly what is going wrong in these states, we looked at studies published by WalletHub and America’s Health Rankings. These studies allow us to see judge what the happiest and saddest states are by looking at their quality of life.

Is your state on this list? Is it better or worse than the studies have shown? Let us know in the comments!